IRS Tax Problems

Problems with the IRS can be stressful and confusing for most taxpayers. IRS notices may demand immediate attention but fail to make the next steps clear. Trying to get the help you need from the IRS often leads to wasted time and more frustration than solutions.

At Federal Tax Advocates, LLC we understand complex tax issues and can get through the red tape to a reasonable and affordable solution that will settle your tax debt. Call us now at 1-855-5FEDTAX (855-533-3829) today to learn more.and tell us about your tax problems. We’ll listen carefully and explain your options in plain language you can understand. We offer tax help in South Florida, FL for problems like:

Failure to File

If you’re behind on filing your tax returns and have accumulated costly penalties, don’t put it off any longer. We can help you collect and organize any missing documentation, file your back taxes and get the penalties reduced. Once your taxes are prepared and filed you may also become eligible for settlement options to pay off your tax debt if you can’t afford to pay it all at once.

IRS Tax Liens and Levies

We can work with the IRS to release all kinds of tax liens and levies. Whether you’re an independent contractor experiencing a 1099 levy or if the IRS is going after your social security or bank accounts, we will work hard to keep your assets safe.

Payroll Tax Problems

If you owe the IRS for employment taxes but are unable to pay your debt all at once, you may qualify to pay over time with an IRS payment plan. We’ll work directly with the IRS to arrange a comfortable monthly payment that you can afford so as to eliminate your tax debt once and for all.

IRS Notices

Receiving notices from the IRS is an unpleasant situation. If you have received a notice from them, you could contact them at the number shown at the top of the letter. We encourage you to be proactive when receiving these notices. The tendency of most people upon receiving IRS notices is to procrastinate in responding, hoping the IRS letters stop coming. The bad news is the letters will keep coming until action is taken. The good news is we, at Federal Tax Advocates, LLC can help you!  We encourage you to make proactive actions upon receiving IRS notices. The sooner the better! Most people upon receiving IRS notices would procrastinate hoping the IRS letter stops or until they find a professional to deal with the tax situation. The IRS letters will not stop unless action is taken. Whether you receive the first notices from the IRS or the subsequent notices from the IRS Collection Division such as ACS (Automated Collection Division) or a Revenue Officer Federal Tax Advocates, LLC can help you.