About Us

Federal Tax Advocates, LLC deals with resolution of IRS tax problems using the most effective negotiation and debt settlement techniques.

We are a group of former IRS employees, former bank executives, and Certified Public Accountants (licensed in Puerto Rico) previously engaged with Big 4 and local CPA's firms' Tax Departments. We also have attorneys licensed in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Federal Court.

Whether you are an individual or a business owing more than $20,000.00 to the IRS, we can help you with your tax situation. Don't let the IRS intimidate you with threatening tax notices and high penalties, call our South Florida, FL office now at 1-855-5FEDTAX (855-533-3829) today to learn more. to learn more or request a free consultation through our website.

Our lawyers are allowed to practice before the IRS and are admitted to the US district court of Puerto Rico and to the Puerto Rico bar.

Why Choose Federal Tax Advocates, LLC?

Our uniqueness stands in our diversified combined work experience of over 100 years of experience at both the Internal Revenue Service and the private sector (CPA firms and bank trust department) and our high knowledge on how the U.S. system of taxation works.

Tax Shield

We are completely capable in protecting your rights while engaging in a tax negotiation with IRS personnel. We act like a tax shield against the IRS. We have dealt with both sides of the coin and as such we have a clear understanding on the needs of individuals and businesses.

Experience Inside the IRS

Our former IRS employees have experience in the areas of Collection and Appeals, Tax Returns Preparation, Tax Law Consultation, Employer’s Taxes, Foreign Issues, Tax Education, Tax Adjustments, and Tax Notices.

Experience Outside the IRS

Our personnel has worked in the Tax Department of Big 4 Firms, as Bank executives, Comptrollers, local CPA firms as well as Tax Partners in our own companies. We have dealt with work ranging from bookkeeping, payroll and tax return preparation to establishing over 50 start-ups for clients, obtaining tax grants, corporate reorganization, federal corporate international tax planning and providing tax strategies.


Financial, Business and Retirement Planning

Based on our IRS resolution experience, it is necessary that the tax professional has extensive practical knowledge in tax return preparation, business, retirement and financial planning.

As a former VP of a Bank Trust Division, we had to deal with establishing retirement plans such as 401-k’s, Keogh’s, Profit Sharing, Money Purchase, and Defined Benefit Plans.

CPA Navarro provides to outsourced employees, seminars and individual consultations on Financial, Business and Retirement Planning. We have provided seminars and/ or individual consultations to Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, Procter & Gamble, Brystol Myers, AstraZeneca, Chevron, Baxter, Heineken, VISA, Kimberly Clark, Medtronics, Gillette and Texaco.

These experiences enable us to handle IRS cases more proficiently.

Meet the Executive Team


CPA Edna Navarro, MBA – In charge of the Strategic Tax Resolution Team – During her years as an IRS employee, CPA Navarro traveled to US Embassies in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and The Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay to resolve issues for US citizens, resident and nonresident aliens regarding tax law consultation, employer’s taxes, foreign issues and other related matters. CPA Navarro has also provided seminars on federal individual taxation to Federal Agencies such as SSA, FDA, Coast Guard, CMS, DOL, SBA and Puerto Rico Society of CPAs.

During her tenure at the Tax Department of an international accounting firm, CPA Navarro developed an expertise in advanced taxation while gaining perspective of the client’s side of the taxation regime. As a respected Financial Planner and VP of a Bank Trust Division (401-k’s, Keogh’s, etc.), Navarro worked with high net worth portfolios of up to $10 million.

After 20 plus years of working in the tax industry on behalf of the IRS and of the private sector, CPA Navarro joined efforts with other taxation professionals and formed The Federal Tax Advocates, LLC. The firm provides services to other CPA’s, attorneys and the general public.

Ms. Navarro fully understands the sometimes frightening thought of dealing with the IRS that many people experience and offers her experience and expertise to guide her clients through their tax issues successfully. Her ample experience in IRS procedures, coupled with her exposure to the tax pains and problems of entrepreneurs in various industries, gives her firm a competitive edge compared to very few tax resolution firms in the industry.



In charge of the Legal IRS Resolution Team – Valentín has been working in the Tax, Contract, Environmental, Estate, and Property Law for the last 15 years with an exceptional command of the litigation and consulting dexterities. She is admitted to practice in the U.S. Federal Court and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Ms. Valentín holds a B.S. Major in Environmental Sciences with a specialty in Toxicology and Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMASS).

As an IRS resolution attorney, Attorney Valentín makes sure that her legal team understands the client’s taxation trouble by analyzing the evidence to be presented before the IRS. Her negotiation skills are supported by research on applicable tax law issues, as well as on current leading cases and a vast knowledge of the IRS due process. This highly effective combination of knowledge and up to date guidance, give her a leading edge in tailoring legal strategies that will alleviate the tax burden of taxpayers by obtaining reasonable installment agreements, establishing non-collectible status, abatement or elimination of trust fund and other penalties imposed by the IRS.


While working for the IRS, González held various positions within the agency. He was a Revenue Officer (R/O) with the Collection Division, a Field Branch and an Advisor/Reviewer with the Small Business/Self Employed Collection Division, Advisory/Insolvency Branch. He provided instructions and analyzed complex and unusual issues presented by taxpayers, practitioners, and IRS employees. He also served as a liaison with Federal and State court officials, appeared in court and documented evidence, and determined the need for consultation with or a referral to Area Counsel/ Appeals.

This experience made him proficient in IRS policy and procedures, interpretation of the agency regulations, court decisions, state and local laws, and various Titles of the United States Revenue Code.

Currently, he works on Federal tax liens and levies and related certificates summonses, balancing civil and criminal aspects of collection, extensions of time to file and pay, trust fund recovery penalty (TFRP)

The rest of our personnel is committed to offering you an excellent service to grant you highly professional assistance and peace of mind.