Case History

The following are examples of cases that members of Federal Tax Advocates, LLC have handled over the years. Each case is individually managed by a team of CPA’s and lawyers or senior tax accountants.



I received notices for the years 1992 through 1997 for $45,000. Edna reviewed the information and prepared amended returns. As a result, the tax debts were eliminated and a refund in the amount of $12,500 was received.

M.R. –M.D. - 1998


I had debts of more than $35,000.00 and received a Notice of Intent to Levy. I contacted Edna, she stopped IRS enforcement action immediately, and worked on an Installment Agreement in the amount of $300.00 on a monthly basis.

R.M. - CPA/ Bankruptcy Lawyer - 2000


I started receiving IRS letters for payroll taxes over $80,000. An attorney recommended I call Edna. On the first meeting, Edna told me that it was unusual to have numerous bank levies, while payments were done to the IRS. Her team prepared amended forms (more than 40), submitted more than 10 explanatory letters, dealt with the Levies, and finally my tax debt was reduced to 0 and refunds for more than $25,000 have been issued since.

C.R. - Bankruptcy Attorney - 2008


I have been receiving letters from the IRS in the amount of $23,000. After 6 years of dealing with Tax Attorneys, I was unable to find a solution to my tax situation. I was a temporary President of a Corporation and had civil penalties from unpaid payroll taxes. I contacted Edna and within two weeks, they submitted an explanatory letter. After three months, the IRS eliminated in full the tax debt. I was so amazed that I provided Edna all my previous experience with IRS resolution companies so that she could focus exclusively on IRS resolution.

R.T.- Corporate and Tax Attorney-2009


I was audited, as a result I had a debt of $28,101.00, and my spouse had income garnish from her salary. Edna and her staff prepared amended returns, as a result I received refunds in the amount of $7,500.00. My wage garnishment was released after one week.

J.F.- Washington D.C. - 2008


I received an IRS notice owing more than $20,000. The tax debt was reduced to 0, since Sandra proved to the IRS that I was an employee instead of an independent contractor.

J.G- Advertising Executive - 2011


I received tax notices for individual taxes based on 1040’s for the years 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. The amount due was more than $150,000 of principal, and penalties for more than $70,000 due to a limited partnership investment (Schedule K-1) on a worldwide corporation. I contacted Edna and Sandra since each tax returns was more than 100 pages long and it was very difficult to find someone who could understand the foreign and U.S. tax situation. The penalties were eliminated. After providing Form 433’s to a Revenue Officer, an installment agreement was done for $300.00 on a monthly basis. (This person had contacted 32 tax specialists nationwide before contracting us.)

R.C.- Entreprenuer - 2011


I had a debt of over $60,000 for the years 2002 through 2010. I made many attempts to deal with the IRS on my own. I was really frustrated trying to solve my tax situation. I contacted Sandra to stop a final notice of levy, and to my relief she stopped them and submitted my financial data to the IRS, achieving an installment agreement in the amount of $513.00 on a monthly basis.

P.T.-Entreprenuer - 2014


After many letters to the IRS, I was desperate because my Accounts Receivable were levied by the IRS for a debt of over $50,000.00. I contacted a Tax Attorney, Sandra Valentin, which immediately evaluated my financial situation and contacted the Revenue Officer. An Installment Agreement was achieved in the amount of $500.00.

R.S-Entrepenuer - 2015


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The case histories mentioned above, are based on a sample of actual cases that we have worked. We do not claim that your case would have the same specific results, since each case has a different set of facts and circumstances.