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penalty abatement services

penalty abatement

If you've filed a tax return, tax deposit or other tax payment late you may qualify for penalty abatement.

offer in compromise

offer in compromise

If you think you've been overcharged on a tax bill we may be able to negotiate an offer in compromise with the IRS.

installment agreement

installment agreement

You may be able to pay your tax debt off over time with an installment agreement.

currently not collectible

currently not collectible

If you're suffering from a financial hardship you may be able to file for this special status.

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Help for Tax Problems in South Florida

Ignoring problems with the IRS will only make them worse. Take a positive step towards putting an end to your tax problems now. If you owe back taxes, have received an IRS notice or are already experiencing a lien, levy, or other tax problem, contact Federal Tax Advocates, LLC today. We’re a trusted South Florida, FL tax resolution company that knows how to deal with the IRS. We’ll work quickly to find a tax relief solution that will settle your debt.

Former IRS Employees, CPAs and Tax Lawyers Will Handle Your Case

The average American taxpayer cannot successfully defend themselves against the IRS. Trying to keep up with the ever-changing tax laws and dealing with the IRS on your own will quickly become frustrating. Turn to Federal Tax Advocates, LLC for the tax help you need. With our experience and support we can stop the harassing phone calls and negotiate with the IRS to find practical solutions for your tax problems.

Call us now at 1-855-5FEDTAX (855-533-3829) today to learn more or request a free initial consultation through our website. We have offices in South Florida, FL and in Puerto Rico.

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